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Utah Muzzleoader Mule Deer - Aaron Steel

Utah Muzzleoader Mule Deer - Aaron Steel

Utah Muzzleoader Mule Deer - Aaron Steel
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On the third day of the hunt I had seen this buck for the first time. With just a quick glance of this buck through my binos, I decided this would make a nice buck to kill. He looked to just be a big 3 point with decent mass. With all of the hunters driving up the road this buck, along with the other 6 bucks he was with would get more and more sketched out and head for cover, making it hard to plan a stalk. I saw this buck for the next 2 mornings after this but the same thing would happen with all the hunters coming up the roads and the bucks heading for cover quick.

The third morning I saw this buck, a hunter decided to just take a shot at the group of bucks that were about 300 yards away from the road. I was very irritated and told this man that the bucks could have easily been stalked and got a closer shot if they tried. I told the man's son, "watch, I'm going to kill that buck tomorrow. The son told me good luck and to send photos if I do.

The next morning, I spotted the buck near the same area he was shot at the morning before. Him and the other bucks wasted no time in hurrying to the timber as soon as it was getting light. That evening I got up on the mountain late, thinking they wouldn't even be out, due to being shot at the morning before and it being a full moon. Well the bucks came out early and were feeding. I started my stalk. The bucks were in a PERFECT spot to get a close shot. One problem, a small 2 point was about 100 yards between me and the big buck. The 2 point spooked and made all sorts of noise while running away. The big buck along with the other 6 bucks took off as well. They came out on the side hill where I could now see them. I ranged them at 256 yard which was too far for my comfort with a Muzzleloader. I needed to be within 200 yards. I tried to close the distance but the bucks stayed between 220 yards and 250 yards away. The bucks worked their way up and over a ridge. I was bummed that the stalk was blown, and I just about walked back to the 4-wheeler. Then I thought to myself that I was already down there hiking that I can just take the long way back to the 4 wheeler and still try to make a stalk. I continued to follow where the bucks went.

Thinking that the bucks probably kept going, I wasn't as quiet as I should have been coming up and over the ridge, but I was still trying to be quiet. As I crested the top, I looked up and saw one of the bucks staring at me. I ranged him at 140 yards. I pulled up my binos and saw my buck bedded down just a few yards away from the buck I just ranged. When the bucks quit looking over in my direction I tried to get closer. I was only able to get 137 yards away till my buck decided to stand up and stare at me. I decided it was time to take a shot. Being in the position that I was, standing was the only shot I was going to be able to take. It was now over never. The bucks only had a little ways till they could be gone again. I held my gun tight against my shoulder and made it as steady as I could. I thought to myself, "Please let me get this deer God". I shot and heard the hit. I looked up and saw the bucks running. I pulled up my binos and watched my deer, looking for any bullet holes in him or unusual movements. I saw nothing. I thought I had missed. The bucks ran about 70 or 80 yards then stopped and looked back at me. I started to reload and kept looking up to watch the bucks. I then noticed my buck starting to wobble. A few seconds later he laid down. I knew for sure I had hit him. I slowly walked over to my buck with my gun loaded. When I got close to him and could finally see him laying down and he was breathing pretty hard. I closed the distance to about 10 yards and put another bullet in him. He stood up and turned around and took a few steps towards me, then down the hill a few steps and fell over dead. Holy cow he looked cool when he stood up and took a few steps towards me.

I then texted the hunter who had shot at him the morning before and said, "Tell your son I told you so.".  I told him I would shoot him the next day and I did!!

I scoped myself as you can see in the photos, shooting at a different buck a few days before. 

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Customer Reviews

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AmazingJust top notch photography. Written by Katie on Tue 1 Dec 2015 8:25:05 PM GMT
So amazingYou are so talented! Your pictures are so beautiful and your hunts are always a success. Way to go Aaron! You deserve this Written by Alisha carter on Tue 1 Dec 2015 6:46:14 AM GMT
Awesome!What a great hunt Aaron, stunning pictures!! You deserve the win!! Written by Amanda on Tue 1 Dec 2015 4:54:23 AM GMT
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