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Brooks & Amy Cox - His and Hers

Brooks & Amy Cox - His and Hers

Brooks & Amy Cox - His and Hers
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12 years I've been waiting for the day to see a transaction pending in my account, the only weird thing was it was for $570.00... We waited couple days to confirm the results via email...I had drawn my LE Manti Big Bull Elk tag, the other wife drew her LE Big Bull Elk tag  also with 9pts., same unit, same hunt! OMG!!! Not what we had  expected!!

We decided to keep both tags and put our efforts together scouting and spotting together all summer! We had 5 different trail cameras set up along with friends cameras nearby.

The day finally came to load bullets into our chambers, and head off into the dark, opening morning had finally arrived.

5:00am I was still sleeping...I was supposed to meet my brother Jb and cousin Casey at the head of 6 mile for my opening morning! Ya I was 1 hr away from that at 5:00am...jumped out of bed, cussing and cussing, tour off on my sxs to meet them, it took me 35 min to get there and we hauled ass to get to my spot!

Sun came up...wind was bad! No signs of elk for me!! At 7:30am we got a txt from my brother in-law Bryce Shepherd that Amy knocked her bull down like clock work! 575yd shot at 7:10am my Uncle Lee Cox and Dusty Cox turned her bull up the couple nights before the opening aged deciding that it was best for Amy to go with Lee and Bryce the 3 of them went after him opening morning! Everything worked out perfect! She took a shot from off the cliffs and pumped 7-8 or maybe 9 or hell it could have been 10 shots into this big boy! She was determined to make certain he didn't get up! Note: her 1st shot hit him in the vitals...he was done for.

After two days of frustrating events I had missed a really nice heard bull he was 850+ yds away and all I had was a quick shot before he entered the trees, I turned my turret to 850 and slammed the trigger, seemed like seconds later big puff of dust hit directly below his feet. Off he went into the trees.

Next evening we had a bead on a bull we nicknamed heavy 6, he was in a drainage away from us probably 750-800 yds away and with the sun going down didn't have time to put a stock on him I decided to hold off until morning.

On our way to camp we experienced the worst rain, thunder, lightening storm and was soaked wet by the time we got to camp, I was so frustrated that I wanted to header home. Luckily my cousins were there with us and had the wall tent stove lit up and we was warm n dry  within the hr. Next day we headed out to find heavy 6, we showed up before light and I got out of my bronco to use the forest room and we had 4-5 bulls surrounding us bugling and rutn, after the sun peaked the Bulls winded us and took us on a 2 hr foot journey up into an area so thick u had to crawl across deadfall. The moment was here, intense two Bulls screaming, fighting, and tearing up trees & bushes... After we busted the cows the two Bulls were screaming bugling and he stepped out from the thick trees and I had a look at the G1s, G2, and all tines look really good I decided to pull the trigger, 3 quick shots with my 300 Weatherby Mag. 180g bullet I had finally close the door on my LE big bull hunt 2015.

After I walked a little closer I realized my bull wasn't heavy 6, but yet a 6x5 and heavy 6 was lost in the forest by the time I realized I had taken the wrong bull, however I was harpy to finally be stressed free and am tickled pink we got two big Bulls hanging on our walls to remember those moments.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Way to go!Very respectable bulls. Well done! I like how Amy went "John Wayne" on her bull. Shoot till you don't see movement is my motto! Written by Kendon Sorenson on Wed 14 Sep 2016 4:32:55 PM GMT
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