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Chris Jackson - Rockslide Demise

Chris Jackson - Rockslide Demise

Chris Jackson - Rockslide Demise
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Three years of history were chronicled in 2015 when I finally got an arrow in the buck I chased the entire season before, and even noticed in 2013.  The buck started near the top of a canyon at daylight, then, as if on a mission, quickly headed for his bed underneath a bluff clear at the bottom. I set up a camera on a tripod and left it running on his bedding area, and headed for the other side. 

The hillside, where he lay near the bottom, was steep and nasty, with rims and rock slides.  The stalk required a lot of patients as I played the wind and snuck through the loose rock and scrub brush, only to find he had moved from where I'd last seen him.  Fearful he may have relocated under the bluff directly below me where there was ample shade, I backed out and repositioned to where I could see the shady ledge; there he was. 

A waiting game ensued, hoping he'd stand and give a shot opportunity. When he finally did, two cameras caught the action! One from across the canyon and the other mounted to the Solvid Head Camera Mount.  The footage is amazing, and tells story exactly as it happened. Please watch to see how the story unfolds.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
rockslidechris that was a great stalk congrats on such an awesome buck Written by kurt lawson on Thu 25 Feb 2016 2:28:43 AM GMT
Patience Patience Patience!!!There are so many who are completely unaware of the time and effort it takes to have success with your bow. This footage captures the persistence of a bowhunter as well as the patience and skill required to get that perfect shot! Amazing solo video! As if I wasn't already having bowhunting withdrawals! Haha... Congrats on a STUD muley! Written by Jessica Hortman on Tue 16 Feb 2016 7:59:43 PM GMT
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