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Garett Jacoby - First Buck

Garett Jacoby - First Buck

Garett Jacoby - First Buck
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My brother Alec and I drew out rifle mule deer tags this year, and just two weeks before rifle season I really wanted to see what kind of deer, are in Utah's Pine Valley unit, so I checked the regulation to see if I, can put out cameras and salt blocks, it didn't have rules against it so we, borrowed three cameras and got three salt blocks and chose three good spots to, put them. In one night one of the salts was an instant hit, we had spikes many, two points and a couple three points but the next night we had two nice four, points and a three by four so we decided to hunt there. Opening morning we went, to the salt but there were hunters everywhere and shots were going off everywhere, so my dad turned to me and my brother Alec and said we are going up and pointed, at the top of the mountain and I was excited because the year before me and my, dad went up there and saw a nice deer but weren't able to harvest it, my, brother had never been up there but we were excited. We saw a spike and a, couple doe's so we kept going up tell we were at the top and my dad told me to, go to the ridge to the left so I did, him and my brother went to the ridge to, the right and sat there for a minute.
The ridge I was going to was hard to find, a good spot to sit and it was way too Rocky but I looked down and saw a big, buck so I texted my dad and told him he told me to get a good shot and make it, count. I tried to get a rest but couldn't, the deer ran away but I couldn't see, where so I called my dad and told him I was going to the next ridge over. I, went back to the trail and went to the next ridge to the left finally there was, a great spot to sit and glass but before I had the chance I saw a the same buck, staring at me so I tried to get a rest on a tree but it wasn't working and I, wanted to get a good shot so I went over to a rock and had a nice sturdy rest, when I looked through the scope I saw a beautifully big buck, I could see it, was at least a four point real wide and super thick so I aimed right behind the, shoulder, I could barely see the shoulder because of the oak trees but it felt, right so I shot and he staggered barely able to hold himself up so I shot, again and he fell right down. 
I was so excited I could barely get my phone out, of my pocket to call my dad when I did I told him he is down he said, "ok, me and Alec are running over there, how far was the shot?" I told him it, was about 150 yards and a good shot. It took my dad and brother about ten, minutes to get there but it felt like ten days and right when they got, there a nice thick four by five stood up and was in perfect range so my brother, shot him and he ran 10 ft up a hill so he shot again and he dropped down the, hill about 15 ft and died 10 ft from mine so we were able to get pictures of, them right next to each other, it was a really cool experience for me to be up, there with my dad and brother, we then realized we needed to get both deer down, the mountain with three people. We hiked back up to the top of the canyon to drop off all of our gear so we could get the meat to the top of the canyon too.
My brother and I unloaded my dad made phone calls to, everyone who we knew who owned horses in New Harmony. We were lucky and got a, hold of Melvin Bartz, him and his friend were willing to ride two horses up and, help pack out meat, Garth Frehner let my two other older brothers ride up two, more horses to help, we were so grateful for the help we were offered. As, the rain clouds were gathering we hiked back down to the deer to start taking, more pictures then start gutting, skinning and cutting up meat. The rain, started coming down when we had just started to finish up pictures and was off, and on about every ten minutes. We started to hike up the canyon with the all, the meat we could carry, the canyon was pretty steep and the trail was about, 250-300 yards from the deer uphill the whole way. 

 It took us two trips to get, the all the meat up and another trip to get the hide and heads and when we, finished our third trip up Melvin Bartz and his friend had just gotten there, with two horses. We put all the meat on the horses and my dad carried my deer, head and hide and Alec carried his deer head and I carried the two guns and, most of our gear in my pack. We had finally started down the mountain when rain, clouds were growing bigger and bigger and I knew we were going to get poured, on, when it started raining it only took 20 minutes to have at least an inch of, water flowing down the trail. It took almost an hour and a half to get to the, bottom of the mountain and at that time we found my brothers that we're, supposed to bring horses up but had gotten lost and were wondering the mountain, side. We made it back to the vehicles when the rain had stopped and we were all, safe and started home, we got home at around ten o'clock and we capped out the, heads and barely were able to fit the meat, the hide from just my deer, and the, two skulls into our chest freezer. We all went into our house too excited to, sleep. I'm so thankful for this hunting experience and grateful I could spend, this once in a life time opportunity with my brother and dad and I can't wait, for next year’s hunt.

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet Buck!That's a great and enjoyable read. Thanks for telling your story, and excited for your many more successful hunts. Written by Jed Wheeler on Mon 15 Aug 2016 8:55:16 PM GMT
Undisputed Good GuyGreat job Garrett. Written by Shawn Meagher on Thu 11 Aug 2016 7:56:56 PM GMT
Garrett Jacoby-1st BuckWhat a great story. Father/son memories that will last a lifetime. Great job dad! You too Garrett! Written by Mark Cooper on Thu 11 Aug 2016 6:35:06 PM GMT
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