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Garret Chapel - Get Lost!

Garret Chapel - Get Lost!

Garret Chapel - Get Lost!
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Montana. A place of beauty and were the found go to get lost! Living in Montana my whole life and growing up having a best friend that has always shared the same love and passion as me has made our journey in this great state not only amazing, but challenging. Challenging in ways only a hunter would ever understand. Like the pictures posted tell the story of a long trip that went from great to near death in a few short hours.
When we started our journey the weather was supposed to be great for the two days we spent more then fifteen miles deep into national forest. The first bday was nothing but amazing finding many sheds and seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. But the second night came with a cold bone chilling supprise that would wake us up out of a dead sleep. The high woods and Mother Nature decided to give us 6 plus inches of snow. We struggled through the night and didn't get the snow stop us from finding even more horns building on our already amazing shed count. It was the trip out that got dangerous we soon came to the realization that we simply couldn't see where we were going and only had enough food for the days we were in there. Navigation was near impossible! The trail in was not to be found and being that far back no signs either! We spent hours arguing over what direction would get us back without freezing to death or putting ourself deeper into the unexplored Montana wilderness.
Walking all through the night and fighting exhaustion I came to a land mark at about three in the morning that boosted our spirits. It was a deer shed I hung in the tree on the way in because I did not leant to pack it the whole time.finding that shed gave us the motivation to keep going knowing that we only had four miles to the truck. The temperature was still dropping and was well below freezing now but we had our minds set and knew we had what it took! Getting to the truck was one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in my life. thank you for reading and may the hunt live on!

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