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Jackson Hartley - 1 Day 1 Chance 1 Shot!

Jackson Hartley - 1 Day 1 Chance 1 Shot!

Jackson Hartley - 1 Day 1 Chance 1 Shot!
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Hi My name is Jackson Hartley. I am known as @lonepeak20 on instagram. I am a 13 year old die hard hunter. In May 2015 I figured out that I drew out a Archery Elk tag. I put in all the work I could to prepare for my hunt. While practicing I was shooting small groups from 50-60 yards. Once we got down to where we were hunting we got out my bow and started shooting to make sure Nothing happened to my bow on the way down. But we figured out that the peephole on my bow broke. And it made it nearly impossible to hit the target accurately. After another 2 hours of practice, I decided to try my luck and attempt to bag myself and elk. We spotted a good little heard of elk a couple of canyons away.

We started hiking in on them and got extremely close to a good group of cow elk about 80 yards away. We couldn't get any closer and I decided to pass them up and try to get a spike instead. We decided to go and try a different spot the next morning. And we couldn't find anything that morning and evening. We try our luck again the next week and we just couldn't get it done. The season ended and now I have a Mule Deer tag to fill. Sadly I only had one day to hunt because I had football every day and we had just made it to the playoffs. One day, one chance, one shot! We arrive to our camp around 5:30 in the morning. We get all ready and head out to where we saw some bucks the week before. We watch this one buck wander around and watched a couple of spikes fighting and I made my decision on taking the biggest buck. I was 220 yards away from him. Took my first shot and barely hit him him in his lower gut. He ran about 50 yrds and stared at me. That's when I took a follow up shot and drilled him in his heart and dropped him in his tracks.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Way to stick with it Jackson!Sometimes people can get discouraged by not filling tags or not having go quite the way we want them. This kid doesn't sound like he does that. He took the only opportunity his schedule gave him to finish something he started and stuck to it. Success followed and he was rewarded with a great looking trophy for the hard work that he had put it. Way to go! Written by Greg Priestley on Wed 18 May 2016 3:02:22 AM GMT
Way to go kid.Stuck out the hunt till he had his golden opportunity. Written by Randy O'Donnal on Wed 18 May 2016 2:13:34 AM GMT
Great JobI love the passion and enthusiasm for being in the great outdoors, thanks for the story Written by Brent Nelson on Wed 18 May 2016 1:53:51 AM GMT
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