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John Stallone - The 2% Club

John Stallone - The 2% Club

John Stallone - The 2% Club
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The 2% club……My quest for the Florida Mts Ibex began 10 years ago when a chance encounter while elk hunting led me to a friendship with one of the most successful Ibex hunters in NM sparking an interest that grew into a goal.. After receiving the news that I had drawn a tag, I immediately went into training mode.. shooting popup 3D, steep angles, long ranges and speed shooting. I doubled up on my physical fitness training as well...

I knew it was one of if the toughest hunts in north America so I was not going to let variables that I could control determine the outcome of my hunt.. After months of preparation, planning and assembling an all-star crew. We set off to achieve what seemed like the unachievable… kill an ibex on film with a bow… After shedding blood, sweat, and tears for 6 days I finally had my opportunity at a shot and I blew it… I had shot a top 5 ibex right in the face…. I was devastated… I cried like a little girl in secret that night.. God had given me the opportunity I asked for and I blew it… We spent the whole afternoon and next morning looking for him… I had given up hope my soul was crushed when my cameraman looked over at me and said its time to think about your next opportunity… So we gave up the search and began to look for another chance to join the 2% club.. within 30mins my spotters radio up to us “they found a good billy working its way to our end”… We slipped into position and he presented a shot at 75 yards, instincts set in and I let it fly…..

Undaunted Journey to the Ibex from John Stallone on Vimeo.

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