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Mike Parsons - Bowhunt Buck

Mike Parsons - Bowhunt Buck

Mike Parsons - Bowhunt Buck
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Last year (2015) was the year I really got serious about archery hunting mule deer.  I was successful on the draw and so I spent every chance I could scouting around the unit for a buck that I would like to pursue.  The archery hunt was fast approaching and I had located two shooter bucks that I would be more than happy to harvest, especially with a bow!  I started to get a pattern down on these bucks but unfortunately I hadn't seen them for a little while but luckily I located them again opening morning and they were right back into their pattern.  From there on out I sat in my blind morning and evening just waiting for the bucks to make their pass through the area I had been watching them in.  I'm not one to sit for very long so my patience was quickly going away.  Luckily I had some does and fawns coming through from time to time to keep my attention.  My dad was with me most the time in the blind and we shared some good memories together as he was wanting to be with me if the moment of truth were to happen!

Several days had passed now and still no bucks had come in, until one of the mornings I went into the blind by myself and had my brother spotting for me across the canyon.  I got tired from being in the blind so much and kinda dosed off.  I figured I better check my phone to see if my brother had seen anything coming in from his angle and just when I least expect it the whole group of bucks was coming right my way!  I'll let the video tell the rest of the story.  Getting within archery range of any critter to harvest with your bow definitely gets your heart pumping and I look forward to more archery hunting in the future!  

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Awesome video Michael!! Very nice buck! Written by Brage Farrer on Tue 31 May 2016 4:22:07 AM GMT
OutstandingWhat a truly outstanding video! Very informative and well versed. For a first time archery buck this is amazing! You can tell he put in a lot of hard work and determination! Great job! And beautiful family!! Written by Melissa cornelius on Fri 20 May 2016 1:00:51 PM GMT
Mike Parsons Bowhunt BuckEXCELLENT video footage! EXCELLENT shot! Great Commentary. Way to go Michael!!! Written by Rogelio Casanova on Fri 20 May 2016 5:34:41 AM GMT
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