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Ryan Olsen - One Day a Year in The Making

Ryan Olsen - One Day a Year in The Making

Ryan Olsen - One Day a Year in The Making
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Bob Auerbach the hunter purchased the tag at auction from I believe SFW. Bob and I met on a pig hunt on the Tejon Ranch with Randy Johnson of High Desert Wild Sheep Guides. Randy Johnson Guided Ron Nilsson Bob’s hunting buddy and mentor on a sheep hunt years ago.  Bob and Ron are members of the Tejon Ranch so when Ron invited Randy and I to come down and hunt for a few days and the connection was made. Bob made mention that Randy was going to guide him on this Goat hunt. I asked him who it filming it and he said nobody. As you know no once in a lifetime tag should never go un-filmed. I offer my services etc. The hunt took place on the Uinta Mountians. Randy Johnson, Brett Miller, Colton Giles, Ron Nilsson, Bob Auerbach, and I Ryan Olsen met about 12 o-clock at the trail head and headed up to look at a couple of Billy’s Brett had found that morning. Now, just a quick backstory Bob dropped 110lbs and got his life in order to be physically able to do this hunt. Within five hours we were in position at 11 thousand feet to take what we found out later was a Record book Goat. A long shot moving shot was all Bob had. With a solid hit and a quick follow up shot Bob's quest to harvest a mountain goat and get healthy just became a reality. This is another example of hard work, good people, and a little luck.

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