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Shawn & Heather - Spot, Stalk, Film, Shoot!!

Shawn & Heather - Spot, Stalk, Film, Shoot!!

Shawn & Heather - Spot, Stalk, Film, Shoot!!
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Shawn and Heather spot, stalk, film and arrow a great mule deer in the steep canyon lands of Idaho on their first hunt as a married couple.  Shawn originally had his eye on a larger buck, but was unfortunate enough to watch him get arrowed by some other hunters on opening day. That left room for this buck to make it to the top of the list, and with him in thier sight at daybreak midway through the archery season, they kept eyes on him as he entered a rocky, steep area of the canyon. 

Once the buck found his final resting spot for the day, out of site of course in the shade, Shawn left Heather with a couple cameras, and with the Solvid head cam system rolling, he headed for the other side to slip in from the top.

After a close call with the target buck's buddy, Shawn slips to within 40 yards of the unsuspecting buck and waits for him to get up out of bed. It doesn't take long and all hell breaks loose with an onslaught of arrows heading the target's direction. Shawn says "If they're still standing, I'm still shooting"! 

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