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Arizona Archery Elk - Garrett Kirkham

Arizona Archery Elk - Garrett Kirkham

Arizona Archery Elk - Garrett Kirkham
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The hunt started 9/11/15 me and my dad left the 12th, got to the unit and headed to a spot his buddy had recommended. There were people everywhere. More people than I've ever seen in the woods. We talked to a forest service employee. He said this unit had gone downhill the past few years, pretty discouraging. We decided we were going to find the elk. Put in 8 miles the first morning, with not one fresh bit of elk sign we started to doubt our second choice draw.

Moved to a new area, finally found the elk. They were only talking in the morning, and had no interest at all in a cow call. After multiple opportunities blown by different hunters we knew we needed to do something different. The next few days were going to be HOT, we found the most secluded water that we could and set up shop.

Packed in the double bull ground blind 3/4 of a mile, brushed it in, and sat. The first night had a bull come in. Came to 30 yards, I drew and let her fly....right under him. Crushed, I was ready to pick up and head home. Hoping that wouldn't be the only opportunity we sat again the next night. A bull came in, it was time for redemption. 40 yards, right in the wheel house.

Didn't know if that was going to screw up our spot or not, so we sat the next morning. A decent bull that had already been hit came in, ethically the right thing to do was put him out of his misery. Dad puts a perfect shot on him and he goes 10 yards and lays in the water. He puts a finisher shot on him, hoping it would get him out of the water. The bull takes a swim to the middle and dies. With a series of rough events we were still able to get it done

Garrett Kirkham

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Elk Hunt!Congrats to both you & your dad!! Written by Kelly Cox on Sun 11 Oct 2015 10:33:39 PM GMT
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