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Danny Stenros - Montana Muley

Danny Stenros - Montana Muley

Danny Stenros - Montana Muley
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On October 31, my brother and I decided to try a new area that neither of us had hunted before. After not seeing anything or any fresh sign, we decided to head out and try somewhere else. On the way down the mountain, I spotted a group of does and stopped. While trying to spot a buck that I was sure would be with them, they spooked and ran. There was a buck with them and my brother caught a glimpse of it as it ran off. We started glassing through the open timber and finally spotted him on a bench about 300 yards away, however I had no shot due to brush, branches and blowdowns. My only window would be 10 yards on the other side of a log jam. I grunted and broke through as quietly as possible (which isn’t quiet at all) and got a rest. This whole process took 7 minutes and the buck stood there! Thankfully he was all rutted up and not thinking straight. I settled in and took the shot. He stumbled out of view and out of habit, I jacked another shell in. He stumbled back into view and after another follow-up shot he went down in that same opening. Not only was this my biggest muley, but the body size was ridiculous! We guessed his weight to be around 350 lbs. Plenty of meat for the freezer!

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