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Will and Caden -Coues Whitetail Deer Hunt

Will and Caden -Coues Whitetail Deer Hunt

Will and Caden -Coues Whitetail Deer Hunt
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This year, I have had the incredible opportunity to "intern" with the outstanding AZ guide service, BuckNBulls Outfitters. I am hoping to get my guide license this coming January and become a legitimate guide. In the past 3 months, I have chased and been chased by bull elk in Northern Arizona, Pronghorn Antelope just South of the Grand Canyon, Coues Whitetail deer in the Central and Southern parts of the state, and had a taste of Mule deer hunting. I have seen more amazing things in that time than I could ever describe here, but one hunt in particular stands out in my mind over all others. I have seen and helped kill some giant Coues deer and been 15 yards from Bull elk in the heat of the rut, and neither of those compare to my experience with a young man named Will Hubbard.

Will is 11 years old, and avid shooter, and was lucky enough to be drawn for a youth deer hunt in AZ unit 22. His tag was for any antlered deer. His dad Dwayne asked BuckNBulls for help and my brother Clay Sopeland and his partners John Ewing and Jimmy Johns and myself jumped on it. The second morning of the hunt, after seeing a big mule deer the night before, we found a group of small Coues bucks, one with only one antler (we called him Elliot, like the deer from the movie Open Season) high up in some mountains overlooking Roosevelt Lake. Will was calm and cool and decided to shoot one of them at 650 yards. We waited over two hours for the right shot, and will made a perfect one on Elliot, even though he was quartered away from us. Will was ecstatic. He did an amazing job and had the perfect attitude. Hunting with Will, and with kids in general will always be one of my favorite times of year. He wrote us a thank you note, and it means more than words could express to me and the rest of the BucknBulls team. We are thrilled to get to hunt with great people like Will and Dwayne, and the video shows just how much of a stud this kid really is. We had a very similar experience with my Cousin Caden, who made a great shot on a real toad Coues buck.  

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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WowGreat shots of an incredible adventure! Written by MN on Fri 22 Jan 2016 2:24:04 AM GMT
InspiringMakes me a happy camper seeing these videos and the joy these young kids get out of hunting. The videos were great!!! Written by Jake on Thu 21 Jan 2016 1:40:44 AM GMT
Cool video. Shot very well. Written by Connor on Wed 20 Jan 2016 10:48:25 PM GMT
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