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Kyndal Elmer - First Buck

Kyndal Elmer - First Buck

Kyndal Elmer - First Buck
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It all started on a hot afternoon. I've been waiting for this hunt for a while now. I wasn't able to hunt deer last season so I knew it was going to be fun to kill my first buck. The hike up was humid and exhausting. We went in on foot, and it took us about two hours to get were we wanted to be on opening morning of the rifle deer hunt. We knew that the base of the mountain was going to be covered in people, so we decided to go where others weren't. Trying to get were we knew we had to set the tent up at was rough. A lot of the hills we had to climb up were so steap that we could only use our hands and feet. By the time we got camp set up a storm was rolling in. Watching the storm clouds roll over the highest peak of the mountain was intimidating. You could feel the air temperature drop When it covered the rest of the sky above us. We both knew that it was going to be a cold night.
Honestly I was hoping that we weren't going to get in the snow. Once we were situated in the tent we both ate a sandwich for dinner. When the alarm went off the next moring the clock said 4:00 a.m. Thats When I realized that it was opening morning. 

So many things were running through my mind. I could feel that something was going to happen today. After we ate breakfast we climbed another mountain to glass off of where we could see better. When it was finally light enough to see, my dad spotted some deer on the mountain across from us. Even though we could see, the sun still wasn't up but mostly because of the storm. Now that I think about it, it was a long walk to get in range of the deer. But it didn't seem like it because the only thing on my mind was if there was a nice buck in the herd. When we got there the only thing we saw was a couple of does. But we decided to stay there and look for a minute and our luck changed. My dad told me that he found a nice 4x4 and I got excited. We snuck further down to these big boulders to try to get a shot. When we started setting up the rifle it hit me, I may shoot my first buck today. Then that's when I started getting nervous. The first time we ranged him he was at 420 yards, but I wasn't able to get a clear shot. He walked further up the mountain and it read, 440 yards. Almost the exact yardage as my elk. I got buck fever really fast. I tried convincing myself that I was just cold but I knew I wasn't. Then I got ahold of myself and focused. When he turned broadside I sqeezed the trigger. I let the kick of the gun suprize me but I didn't even notice that because I couldn't hear. Shooting in the big pile of boulders gave the crack of the rifle no were to go which made it 10 times louder than it normaly is. He ran about 30 yards and fell down.
My dad and I were so happy and thankful. We called my mom and sisters to tell them that I had just shot my first buck. My mom was really happy for both of us. Then I told her we were going to need help hauling out camp. We got off the phone with my mom and headed to my buck. When we found him he was even nicer up close. But just being up close to these amazing animals is such a blessing. We thanked him for providing our family with delicious organic meat. It's not just the things that the animal provides, it's in a way that you are connected with the animal and experience things in nature that most people won;t in their life time. This is why I enjoy and respect every second of being with this animal.

After we were done taking pictures and cordering him up, we headed back to camp. My mom called us and said that they had finally made it to our camp and would be waiting for us. On our way back to camp and my mom, it was raining but I was enjoying it. when we got to camp we were glad to releive the pain from our shoulders and hips. Everyone congradulated me and my dad on my buck. We carried out the entire deer while my mom and sisters carried out camp. On the way down we passed a lot of people on horses. We were happy to show people that you don't need horses or lamas. I thanked everyone who congradulated me on my buck. The hike down was as hard as it was going up. Each step got harder and longer. The weight of my back pack started to dig deeper into my hips. But honestly I liked the pain. It's just a reminder of what you are working for and what you have earned. The walk down was a long one. When we finally got down to the truck I was relieved. I was very thankful for my family coming up and hauling out camp. But most of all I'm glad I was able to share such a special moment with my dad. Your my best friend I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to share that with. Thanks dad for coming it was a good hunt. A really good one, we made memories that will last a life time. 

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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First BuckSo happy for you Kyndal! What an amazing first buck! You have one cool hunting career ahead of you. Written by Kallee Servey on Wed 23 Dec 2015 9:24:45 PM GMT
Great first buckAwsome story Kyndal. So cool that you got to spend time with your dad in the mountains and harvest this fine animal. Written by James Servey on Thu 17 Dec 2015 3:12:50 AM GMT
Good job Kyndal!! That's a cool story about your hunt and a pretty nice buck too.Good job working so hard and gettin it done. Written by Ty Jacobs on Tue 15 Dec 2015 11:17:37 PM GMT
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