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Matthew Cox - Colorado Mule Deer

Matthew Cox - Colorado Mule Deer

Matthew Cox - Colorado Mule Deer
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Colorado 3rd season hunt. My plan for the first day was to road hunt and learn the area. I went by myself and got lucky. The first morning of my hunt I saw a decent buck with 10 does. I thought dang that would have been too easy. I glassed up the mountain and spotted this buck laying down. I could tell he was heavy but at 400 yards it's hard to see the horns clearly. As I was setting up my new spotting scope (still in the box) he got up and stared me down. Afraid he was going to run I stopped setting up the scope. He then took off running and I had a short  window to decide. I took the shot and my hunt was over. 29 wide. Score 184. More impressive than the horns was how fat and heavy he was. It was a rodeo getting him in my truck by myself ha. He weighed 250 pounds. Thanks for the time you put into ivideowildlife. I'm sure I don't speak for myself when I say it's a real joy to watch these amazing videos and read the success stories of others.

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