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Muzzleloader Buck - Wes Nunley

Muzzleloader Buck - Wes Nunley

Muzzleloader Buck - Wes Nunley
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After months of scouting and preparing it comes down to seconds will you shoot straight or will you miss. I found this buck very early in the year checking some new area. But I didn't ever comeback to that area for there were not as many bucks as there was in other areas. after chasing lots of big bucks during the archery hunt with my uncle and my dad having many close encounters with big mature mulies we could never seal the deal. The archery hunt left me very frustrated, angry, and sad for I felt I put in the hours why has nothing paid off I was lacking motivation to hunt hard for the muzzleloader. The first day of the muzzleloader did not help either. It sounded like a war with all the gun shots so we went home early didn't hunt the evening hunt of the opening day. We waited til that weekend to go back out I decided I would go to this area where I knew had some good bucks in and being miles from the road wouldn't have any problems with any other hunters. We left the truck that morning real early knowing we had a couple hours of walking a head of us. My uncle spotted this buck bedded across the canyon and decided I would put the sneak on him I got 60 yards above him and sat there for four hours. My dad decided that he will walk up towards the buck to see if it will stand up and walk to give me a shot. Instead the deer stands up less than a hundred yards away from my dad and 60 yards below me. Because of all the thick shrub oak I could not see the deer standing there so my dad takes the shot presented and drills this big mature buck. Congrats to my dad glad we finally put a nice one down great moments I spent with my dad trying to get these bucks memories were made that will last forever.
Wes Nunley , Bo Nunley, Waylon Nunley

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