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Tommy Duff - Shed Hunting - How It Began

Tommy Duff - Shed Hunting - How It Began

Tommy Duff - Shed Hunting - How It Began
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It all started when I was 8 years old. My twin brother Mike was right there with me everyday. We were inseparable. My dad had a wood hauling business and one day he was driving up one of the roads he made himself , as he was driving he pulls up onto a big brown 6 point elk shed laying right in middle of the road. He got out of the truck picked up the shed looked at it and threw it in the back of the truck and continued driving up the road and not to much longer there laid another big brown elk shed he gets out once again and picks it up noticed it was the match  he throws it in the back of the truck with the other and continued driving.  he gets to the trees he is wanted to cut down for some fire wood and finishes up the day goes home unloads the wood comes in side and says "boys come check out these elk horns"!! 
Mike and I run out and said "wow did you kill that"? He laughs and says "no they are sheds". My dad grew up in Eastern Kentucky and all he saw was white tail deer never once did he seen an elk til he moved to Utah. He did see whitetail sheds as a kid laying on the ground and he said they would walk past them or make sling shots out of the 2 points. 
Well the next day we went back up to help my dad grab some wood and I remember us getting up to the stock pile my dad had to get loaded. Well As we're working Mike looks over and spots an elk shed laying 20 feet from the truck . My dad laughed and said that shed had to been laying there yesterday and he never seen it. Dad says okay boys let's take a break and see if we can find some more an hour into the hike Mike & my dad picked up a few more I didn't find a single antler I remember I was mad and throwing a fit. My dad had us hooked from that day. It was the next trip & I had picked up my very first elk shed my dad picked up the other side on a ridge the hard white set went 365" that he has held onto. Shed hunting has been our passion and our best way to make memories I have seen shed hunting grow into a huge hobby for many people. I enjoy hearing people talk about they're shed hunting stories and seeing what memories friends or people make hunting sheds. I can write story after story on all the memories my dad, my brother and I have made. I will always think of the times we have spent together looking for sheds. I have learned a lot from my Dad and I can thank him for  getting me involved in something I love doing every chance I get! Thanks Dad for raising us right!!

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