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Utah Archery Elk - Tyson Mackay

Utah Archery Elk - Tyson Mackay

Utah Archery Elk - Tyson Mackay
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2015 bull elk

This was only my second year with a bow in my hand. It was a trying and challenging year elk hunting for me. The first week I finally got to full draw on a small bull elk and watched my arow sail right over his back. It was very defeating knowing that on a DIY General unit that may be my one and only chance to fill my tag with a bull. I came back home after hunting hard for 7 days and had the last 11 days of the hunt off hoping the rut would kick in early on this short year. Right before I was leaving, tragedy struck and I lost my mentor. My grandfather who had been fighting hard for months finally passed so with a heavy heart I finally got packed a few days after and got out into the hills knowing that he would want me to be out there hunting rather than mourning the loss.

The last week of hunting was hard. The elk were not talking much. It was hot and I was struggling to stay focused often with eyes full of tears hiking through the woods. The hunt was winding down. I had put on miles upon miles with out having opportunities at bulls and not having good wind to make stalks on them. on September 9th ( 2 days left in the general season hunt) I started up the trail head. My legs were almost at their limit and had to stop multiple times on the way up my familiar trail. I hiked up the ridge and couldn’t hear any elk so decided to hik the rim to where I had seen a nice bull the morning before hoping to catch that bull again.

Hiking the rim I noticed what looked like an elk through the tree line. Coming up the trail at about 40 yards I saw a cow and a calf. With no arrow nocked and hardly any cover I froze right next to a tree and then saw antlers walk to the side of the cow. I froze slowly and quietly got an arrow off of my quiver and nocked it with out making a sound. The bull walked up to the thick tree line and started racking a tree. Then as fate would have it, he walked right towards me. I got to full draw before the bull came through the trees and there he stood at 20 yards. I held my pin right on him touched off and watched my arrow disappear right where my pin was, a complete pass through. This was the first animal I had shot with a bow I was shaking and got a hold of my friend (who I had split off from no more than 15 min before) telling him “I Just shot a bull” he replies back saying “BS” I told him “ I swear on my grandpa”. He replied, “ on the way!” now knowing I was dead serious.

We started tracking about an hour after I had shot the bull. Still shaking and with a great blood trail we followed it about 40 yards and saw where the bull had stopped and tumbled down the hill. This was a very special hunt for me losing my grandfather and knowing that when the time came he helped me settle my nerves and make a perfect shot on a (in my opinion) great general season open bull and first archery kill bull.

Tyson Mackay
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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great storyI got to spend some quality time with Tyson directly prior to his harvest...incredible story but a more incredible individual...congrats brother and you were not alone on that mountain..thanks for sharing your story.. Written by TJ on Wed 28 Oct 2015 12:39:06 PM GMT
Archery BullAwesome Archery bull Tyson! Congrats!! Written by Kelly Cox on Sun 11 Oct 2015 10:40:46 PM GMT
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